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Johan Söderberg on Mountain of Doom

March 24th, 2011, posted in Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Tour, interview

While saving Dario’s liver from excessive drinking and your ears from vulgar display of unfunny stories, Mandy, the core of the Extreme Pear rejoins his sidekick Dario and the Extreme Metal Podcast churns out another brutal episode.
After getting stood up twice, the third date with Amon Amarth results in a cool albeit brief interview with Johan Söderberg, the guitar player. Johan talks to us about the new album, his influences and much more and the Extreme Pair summarizes “Surtur Rising” and plays a couple of premiere Amon Amarth tracks from the upcoming release.
We also review a black metal documentary “Until the Light Takes Us”, dig into our own closets in search of the most unextreme skeletons. We find Stryper, but nobody claims that one. Another hot episode of Focus on Extreme Metal turns brutal when we attempt to launch a dual-channel synchronized fartburp. We also play some music as picked by our listeners, deliver the metal news with new releases and tour report followed by birthdays and we end the epic return to offbeat form with a third installment of the now classic Extreme Pair outtakes. Enjoy, be sure to call us and leave a voice mail at 205 383 3666 and write to us at
Our new episode also features a brand new track from PROTEST THE HERO’s new album Scurrilous as well as music from GWAR, DEICIDE, DEATH TOLL RISING, VILE, HATE, BURZUM and much more.

As always, we are looking for bloggers and other content providers to join our team, we also appreciate your iTunes reviews and ratings. Keep it hot and keep it brutal.

70,000 Tons of Metal Photo Gallery

February 24th, 2011, posted in Black Metal, Death Metal, Grind Core, Heavy Metal, Tour
Besides the interview with Paul Allender of Cradle of Filth, episode 24 of Focus on Metal features an interview with Rob Cranny (Northern Storm Records) who has been to four Wacken Open Air festivals as well as the newest and coolest fest, The “70,000 tons of Metal”, a four day cruise that took 2,000 lucky metalheads and 40 metal bands on a journey nobody is likely to ever forget. We talk to Rob about the experience of sharing a large cruise ship with devoted metalheads and non-stop music coming from three stages on board of 70,000 tons of metal.
70,000 Tons of Metal Gallery.


Exodus (second set on the pool)

Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica (2nd set on the main theatre)


Sabaton 2nd set on the pool


Sabaton put together a table hockey tournament


Korpaklanni (pool stage second set)

Blind Guardian

Blind guardian (first set)

random dudes

Random dudes on boat

Fear Factory

Fear Factory (set 1)


Ensiferum (set 1 on pool)


Moonspell (set 1)

Dark Tranquility

Dark Tranquillity (set 1)


Blackguard (set 1)

hot tub orgy

Hot tub orgy