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Interview with Varg Vikernes

March 17th, 2011, posted in Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal

Varg Vikernes

Can you talk about the inspiration for the new Burzum record Fallen?

Fallen was greatly inspired by the Burzum debut album and Det som egang var. Now, this doesn’t mean it sounds anything like these albums, but when making it I was certainly very much inspired by them.

Are there any musicians on the record aside from yourself?

No. I always work alone, and have no need for a fifth wheel on the wagon, so to speak.

Do you consider your newest material, Fallen,  black metal?

Not at all. I consider it to be heavy metal.

I had read that there is talk of a movie about your life.  Is that still on the table?

There was talk about a movie made by some Japanese producer, based not on my life, but on the nonsense scribbled down by Mr. Moynihan and his clown companion, Mr. Söderlind, about my life, amongst other things, and published as a book with the title “Lords of Chaos”. I guess they realized that making a movie about someone without this someones consent is not a wise thing to do. It was scheduled for release in 2010, and we never saw anything, so we can only hope it all went down the drain. Like it should.

Do you think as you have gone through your life experiences you look back at anything you’ve done in the past and question your judgment or stance?

In the past I jokingly said that I should have killed Snorre Westvold Ruch as well, a friend of Euronymous and a witness to parts of the fight between Euronymous and myself (ending in his death). If I had killed him as well as Euronymous I would not have been wrongfully convicted for murder. There was no other evidence against me whatsoever – although the police told the press they had my fingerprints on the scene. This was not true, and was said as part of their campaign to get me convicted no matter what.

On a more serious note I must say that I have been very lucky in my life, and should not want to change anything in my past – or present, for that sake. Sure, I spent some 16 years in prison, but that’s no big deal. Prisons in Norway are more civilized than most other places, and it was more or less a walk in the park. And I have no sympathy for the guy I killed; he planned to first knock me out with a stun gun, tie me up, place me in the trunk of a car, drive me into the forest, tie me to a tree and then film it as he tortured me to death. He got what he deserved.

Burzum - Fallen

Several black metal bands (symphonic, highly produced) have met with great commercial success world wide.  Do you feel that they have remained true to the art form of black metal in these pursuits?

You know, I really have no interest in black metal. It has all been turned into a parody, and I would prefer that nobody ever thought about black metal when they heard the name Burzum, or vice versa. You could just as well have asked me questions about rap music, hip hop or anything like that. I have no interest in that either. Oh, and I don’t know enough about modern black metal to know much about any black metal bands – and I don’t want to know either, for that sake. Forget about black metal. It died in 1992 and I don’t even miss it.

What is next on your agenda musically?

The next album is a compilation album, called From the Depths of Darkness, and it is scheduled for release next September. After that… I am a musician, you know, and I guess this is my lot in life, so I will probably keep on making more music.

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Extrement All

March 17th, 2011, posted in Black Metal, Death Metal, Grind Core, Heavy Metal

The first (and hopefully last ever) episode of Focus on Extreme Metal featuring Dario exclusively features an interview with SCALE THE SUMMIT guitar player Chris Letchford. Chris talks about the new album “The Collective”, the dark nature of the album and it’s creative development as well as the dream come true tour with Dream Theater.
The new episode of the Extreme Pair (without the vocals of the better half) also concentrates on instrumental music of the extreme variety. The bands featured on the show come from all aspects of extremeness, some brutally technical, some more proggy, while some are totally deranged and devoid of any scales with heart stopping time signatures. Some of the bands heard on the episode include Behold the… Arctopus, Spastic Ink, Sleep Terror, Blotted Science, Cloudkicker, Exivious, Abolishment of Hate and Gordian Knot. Some of the music presented should come with a health warming label. Dario also presents an unofficially licensed from the Bonebat Show “Pisses Me Off” segment.
Our new episode also features a brand new track from Lifelover’s new album Sjukdom
As always, we are looking for bloggers and other content providers to join our team, we also appreciate your iTunes reviews and ratings, and if you feel so inclined, leave us a message on our voice mail at 205 383 3666. Keep it hot and keep it brutal.

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70,000 Tons of Metal Photo Gallery

February 24th, 2011, posted in Black Metal, Death Metal, Grind Core, Heavy Metal, Tour
Besides the interview with Paul Allender of Cradle of Filth, episode 24 of Focus on Metal features an interview with Rob Cranny (Northern Storm Records) who has been to four Wacken Open Air festivals as well as the newest and coolest fest, The “70,000 tons of Metal”, a four day cruise that took 2,000 lucky metalheads and 40 metal bands on a journey nobody is likely to ever forget. We talk to Rob about the experience of sharing a large cruise ship with devoted metalheads and non-stop music coming from three stages on board of 70,000 tons of metal.
70,000 Tons of Metal Gallery.


Exodus (second set on the pool)

Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica (2nd set on the main theatre)


Sabaton 2nd set on the pool


Sabaton put together a table hockey tournament


Korpaklanni (pool stage second set)

Blind Guardian

Blind guardian (first set)

random dudes

Random dudes on boat

Fear Factory

Fear Factory (set 1)


Ensiferum (set 1 on pool)


Moonspell (set 1)

Dark Tranquility

Dark Tranquillity (set 1)


Blackguard (set 1)

hot tub orgy

Hot tub orgy

Cradle of Filth on Upcoming Episode

January 22nd, 2011, posted in Black Metal

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Cradle of Filth will be the following guest on the show.