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Episode 22 – Reek of Carcass

January 31st, 2011, posted in Death Metal, Grind Core

Bill Steer of Firebird and CarcassMandy and Dario had a great chat with a pioneer of the second wave of extreme metal, Bill Steer, known for his work with Carcass and Napalm Death. Bill talked to us about his latest Firebird album, tough times surrounding the last Carcass studio album, and an even more difficult process of reuniting with the band. Bill spends a bit of time discussing Heartwork and talks in depth about its impact on the band. 
For us it is always a pleasure to talk to such an inluential individual such as Bill. Mandy and Dario also dress the upcoming episode with Carcass music, and typical features of Focus on Metal, such as news, new releases, tour report and the return of metal birthdays.

Episode 22 of Focus on Metal is feature-packed with many surprises. Naturally expect off the wall humor you’ve come to expect from the Extreme Pair. Join us this coming Tuesday February 8 at Pure Rock Radio and the following day via iTunes.